ExhaustiF is a tool composed by two major subsystems:

From the EEM experiments are controlled and managed. It offers a user friendly graphical interface where the user can easily define the injections

  • Experiment control and management.
  • Command injection of HW faults.
  • Command injection of SW errors.

The FIK is a light SW component that will be loaded in the System under test and it will be in charge to inject the faults and errors commanded from the EEM

  • Light SW component (120 Kbytes).
  • Raise HW faults.
  • Raise SW Errors.
In which platforms can ExhaustiF be applied?

Currently, ExhaustiF is available RTEMS/ERC32, RTEMS/Pentium®, Linux/Pentium®and MS-Windows®/Pentium®.

Under request, it can be configured to other operating systems and CPUs.

When should ExhaustiF be used?