What’s SWIFI?

SWIFI stands for Software Implemented Fault Injection.SWIFI is a technique to emulate hardware design faults and software design/programming erros.

What is grey testing?
Grey box testing is a software testing technique that uses a combination of black box testing and white box testing. Tester knows some of the internal behavior of the system under test, usually limited to internal components or subsystems interfaces.

What is reliability?
Reliability is the ability of a system to perform and maintain its expected behavior in hostile and unexpected circumstances.

What is availability?
Availability is the proportion of time a system is in a successful operation.

What is a fault? And an error?And a failure?

A fault is an abnormal condition or defect at the component, equipment, or sub-system level which may lead to a failure.This term is commonly used in hardware domain.

A defect is code that does not correctly implement the requirements or the intended behavior.This term is commonly used in both software and hardware domains.

Fault and defect terms could be considered as synonymous.

An error is an incorrect action or calculation performed by software. Basically, an error is raised by either a fault or defect.

A failure is an undesired action or fails to perform a desired action as a result of an error.

What is ExhaustiF?

ExhaustiF is a software tool developed by MTP used for grey testing based on SWIFI (SW Implemented Fault Injection) technology.
ExhaustiF allows identifying design and programming faults, so it actually helps to improve reliability and availability features of software intensive systems in a cost effective way.

Who should use Exhaustif? And when?

SW Engineers and Testers are the ones to use ExhaustiF tool during the integration and system testing.

Why ExhaustiF tool has to be used?

ExhaustiF tool allows injecting hardware faults and software errors into the system under test, so engineers can observe system behavior under unexpected events.